Pastor Mike’s Minute Message: The Loneliest Day of the Year

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Pastor Mike's Minute Message
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For God loved the world so much…” (John 3:16 NLT)

Yep, this is that day where Love is celebrated more than any other day. Goo-goo eyes, stuffed animals & chocolates out the wazoo, the tale-tell signs that there should be some pancakes lying around to mop up all the syrupy-sweetness that we see! But for those without a valentine, it’s the loneliest day of the year.

Long before Cupid drew back his little bow, God knew how desperately we would need to feel love. After all, we get it from our Father, who is filled with loving emotion too. His desire was that we would always know a love that really mattered, a love that spans time, cosmos, and condition. So He gave us a Valentine, written in red, on a hill in Judea through the open arms of His dying Son.

Whether you have a significant other to give you a card and candy today or not, know that there is a greater love that exists, a heart that beats just for you! Come to church this weekend and find love in the company of other soul searchers. You are loved greatly today! Now go eat some chocolate!



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