Pastor Mike’s Minute Message: Bringing God’s People Back Together

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Pastor Mike's Minute Message
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And this is God’s plan: Both Gentiles and Jews who believe the Good News share equally in the riches inherited by God’s children. Both are part of the same body, and both enjoy the promise of blessings because they belong to Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 3:6 NLT)

In 1917, just three years after it’s formation, the Assemblies of God was given the opportunity to ordain it’s first missionary to Liberia. They refused, however, because the man was black. He left the AG, met with other African-American churches, and another group was formed. Thus a racial schism was created among God’s children.

Just this month, almost 100 years later, the two groups met back together and reconciled. Moving beyond the shallowness of skin color, the two churches have joined together in an attempt to bring more unity. While for some it may not turn around over night, the key is that it’s turning!

Prejudice cannot exist in the church. To walk like Christ means to turn from those thoughts. We must not think less of another’s origin, nor think more of our own. As a Christian, we are now patriots of another kingdom, one not found in this world but of a greater place! Live to let all be a part of God’s greater kingdom, a place that anyone can feel safe to call home! You are loved today!



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