Pastor Mike’s Minute Message: With Friends Like These…

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Pastor Mike's Minute Message
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Some brave and experienced warriors from the tribe of Gad also defected to David while he was at the stronghold in the wilderness. They were expert with both shield and spear, as fierce as lions and as swift as deer on the mountains.” (1 Chronicles 12:8 NLT)

As God was building David towards his eventual march to kingship, He knew the kind of leaders and warriors David would require. So God began amassing them for David. But what’s unusual is that God even brought them from the most unlikely places: from among David’s enemies. Like these from Gad, or even others from enemy nations, God built what He knew would work, which was better than David could’ve done alone.

God knows exactly who you need and don’t need in your life. And sometimes God may bring the most unlikely people to support you. Let Him. It is God’s pleasure to give you friendships and support teams in your life. Who knows, maybe God put them in your life for their eventual benefit.

Don’t fret over relationships. People will come and go all your days. By trusting God, He makes sure that you have those you need. You are loved today! Have a great weekend!



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