Pastor Mike’s Minute Message: Living As A Bridge Builder

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Pastor Mike's Minute Message
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As a result we were showered with honors, and when the time came to sail, people supplied us with everything we would need for the trip.” (Acts 28:10 NLT)

In 1833, French missionary Eugène Casalis went to South Africa to reach souls among the Basuto. With the help of friends, they taught new methods of farming, introduced new species of livestock, and brought domesticated cats to get rid of mice. This caused the Basuto to be grateful and hear the missionary message, which lead many to Christ and established a strong church there.

I’m grateful for those in my life that not only encouraged me to make a personal relationship with Jesus, but modeled it before me with grace and attractiveness, winning me with friendship instead of “preaching”. People still respond to our loving outreach through friendship! They are grateful for those who get out of their own life in order to take the time of getting into another’s.

Be empowered today to live personally as a Christ Lifer, letting God shine through your own life! God doesn’t need more preachers, He needs bridge builders! Find a friend in need and you’ll find an open avenue to share Christ’s love with a newly responsive soul! You are loved today!


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