Pastor Mike’s Minute Message: Continuing To Reach The Unreached

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Pastor Mike's Minute Message
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My ambition has always been to preach the Good News where the name of Christ has never been heard, rather than where a church has already been started by someone else.” (Romans 15:20 NLT)

In 1835, Missionary Dan Bradley arrived in Siam, now known as Thailand, and served among the people for 38 years. By using science, medicine, and technology of the West, even creating Siam’s first newspaper, Bradley found innovative means for creating open doors for evangelism, which is still felt today.

Nearly 2 billion people (27.9 % of the world’s population) live in these unreached segments of society (people groups). These peoples are cut off from any access to the gospel and are largely ignored or unknown by the Christian world. While 90% of the missionary work force and finances are targeting already reached regions with the gospel, both have to be reached. For us in America, though we have churches on every corner, we still have those who have never been to church or read a Bible, much less living the Christ Life.

What can you do about it?
First, let God use you to reach the mission field of your own community, where many stay unreached in spite of churches being nearby. Second, pray for and correspond with missionaries, learning what God is doing in the world and encouraging those doing that work. And third, give financially to those that are ministering this way, such as Light For The Lost ( Make a difference in your world today! You are loved!


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