Pastor Mike’s Minute Message: The Corpus Christi Day Ripple-Effect

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Pastor Mike's Minute Message
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So on March 7, the two decrees of the king were put into effect. On that day, the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, but quite the opposite happened. It was the Jews who overpowered their enemies.” (Esther 9:1 NLT)

In retaliation to the Corpus Christi Day Bombing on June 7, 1896, in Barcelona, Spain, police began arresting people suspected of terrorism, employing Inquisition-style interrogations with many innocent people dying from the torture. When the Spanish Prime Minister was assassinated as a fallout of the violence, the Captain-General was booted from office due to his bloody tactics that had stirred up the people.

What many don’t know is that had the Prime Minister not been killed, mayhem would have continued and the Captain-General of Spain could have put down the revolts taking place in Cuba. But with his dismissal, Cuba flared back up, giving America the chance to take Cuba, leading to the Spanish American War, and the histories of Cuba and Puerto Rico would be much different! One single action can produce a ripple-effect that impacts many lives, for good or ill.

Today, take time to consider how you act or react, knowing that both can affect those around you. Pray for your government, who makes decisions daily that affect us all as well. Evil will always reign when good men do nothing! Do what’s right! You are loved today!


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