Pastor Mike’s Minute Message: The Day Klaas Got Away With Murder

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Pastor Mike's Minute Message
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For God has no favorites.” (Colossians 3:25 NLT)

Dutch Nazi Klaas Faber was a very bad man that managed a Jewish concentration camp in the Netherlands, a stop before Auschwitz. Guilty of war crimes, Faber fled to post-war Germany and was allowed to live free, thanks to a 1943 Hitler-installed law that was never taken off the books, allowing European Nazis to find a non-extradition home in Germany. In spite of appeals in 1954, 1957, 2004, 2006, and 2010, Germany allowed Faber to live in favorable peace until his death in 2010.

It’s with a grateful heart, then, to know that God doesn’t play favorites! While He did choose to create the Jewish nation as His timepiece to reach the world, He loves us all the same. And while race, age, or wealth won’t gain you favor with God, one thing notably will: Obedience. God has favor and blessing available to all, but who He makes it truly available to is those that will live life as the Creator of it said to. By setting aside selfishness and embracing the Christ Life, we find a life that makes us a better neighbor, friend, and citizen.

While some may think they’re getting away with things because of who they are or the connections they have, they are wrong. God sees all and will accord to every person their just due. But by living obediently to His leading, we know that true grace, mercy, and redemption favor can be ours! Live right to live blessed! You are loved!


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