Pastor Mike’s Minute Message: The God That Answers 911 Prayers

Posted: June 27, 2014 in Pastor Mike's Minute Message
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Offer the sacrifices of the righteous and trust in the Lord.” (Psalm 4:5 NIV)

“Thank God you’re here!” The relieved woman had dialed 911 for a medical emergency. When our fire department first responders checked the situation, they found that her care had actually been very good, making our job easier to prepare the injured victim for the ambulance. She did all she could do, then prayed for the medical help to hurry and save the day.

There are some moments in life where we have no idea what to do. In such times, we must first make sure we are doing our parts well for God. Am I being faithful? Is my heart in tune with His? When we have done all we can, we must then place our trust in the fact that God still saves the day. Where fear cripples, faith still holds out hope in a big God!

Do you have urgent needs in your life? We all do. Your life isn’t more hopeless than the rest of the world. Instead of cowering in helpless fear, do what you know is right. Then believe that God is responding to your 911 prayer! You are loved! Have a great weekend!

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