Pastor Mike’s Minute Message: What Would You Attempt If You Knew It Would Succeed?

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Pastor Mike's Minute Message
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No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.” (Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭37‬ NLT)

In 1779, Peter Francisco was one of 3,000 rebel troops facing an enormous British offensive in the Carolinas. They were outmanned from the get-go. According to popular legend, even when he knew all was lost, Francisco single-handedly carried a 500-kilogram (1,100 lb) cannon that had been abandoned by the British over to a group of rebel soldiers, who proceeded to use it in the fight.

If you knew God wanted something done and believed it would succeed would you try it? Fact is, we are safer and more prone to win over life’s travails than we could possibly imagine! But our fear of possible failure keeps us from attempting what God already sees as a predestined victory. That has got to be frustrating to Him!

What would you do for God if you knew it would work? If God is calling you, then you need to respond. In spite of how it looks, you serve a Savior that overcomes bleak odds everyday! Go for it! You are loved today!

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