Husband, Dad, Pastor @ Poyen Assembly of God, Poyen, AR

Trekking the Christ Life is a devotional series from Pastor Mike Sullivan & Poyen Assembly of God Church, Poyen, AR. Each day Pastor Mike syndicates a personal devotion to encourage and help others in their daily “trek” on the Christ life and every Monday we publish a video devotion with fully illustrated stories.

We are pleased to offer this devotion to enrich the lives of those who live the Christ Life. As we enroll those that desire it, we also un-enroll those who wish, or help with a better media option as we can make them available.
The Minute Message daily devotion and Trekking Christ weekly video teachings are available in the following formats:
– Our website, Trekking The Christ Life, http://www.trekkingchrist.com/
– Our Facebook page, http://facebook.com/TrekkingChrist
– The Minute Message is also available in text format or email. (For Verizon users, email is best)
– To subscribe, simply reply with your name & either your cell number or email address. (To un-enroll at any time, simply reply “REMOVE”)
On behalf of the TTCL team, may you find great blessing as you trek the Christ Life!

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