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But generous people plan to do what is generous, and they stand firm in their generosity.” (Isaiah 32:8 NLT)

Andrew Carnegie, one of the first recognized philanthropists, is still one of the most generous to this day. Before he died in 1919, Carnegie gave away more than $350 million, which was the equivalent of more than $4.59 billion in 2014. Carnegie earned his fortune producing steel and later selling his company to become the richest man in the world at the time. His generosity funded universities, libraries, worker pensions and the arts, including New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Generosity doesn’t come because we’re rich, but because we are willing. In my observation, those with the least tend to be the most generous. If we are faithful with the things God gives us, He then can trust us with more, knowing that if He asks us to give, we will.

Generosity doesn’t always come easy. So ask God to help you to be. Don’t spend all that you have on yourself, but be ready to God His requirement (tithe), and one other need (offering). You will find that afterwards, you feel better than binge shopping! Being generous leaves the door open for blessings in return! So be a giver! You are loved today!