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Hear the word that the LORD speaks to you, O┬áIsrael!” (Jeremiah 10:1 NLT)

The late David Wilkerson is best remembered as the pastor who reached out to the gangs in New York City, memorialized in “The Cross and The Switchblade”. As he began to grow in fame, there was a needlepoint message that his daughter, Bonnie, placed in his study: “My Dad is famous not for who he is, but because he dared to listen when God wanted to hold conversation.”

Everyday, God is trying to communicate to you. Most times we ignore Him because we are afraid of what He might say or reprimand. Our ability to hear is fine, it’s our inability to be convicted to act. But we should also know that when we hear God, it’s always a life changing, refreshing word!

As you come to church today, come ready to hear God. The very thing you hear God say to you could be what changes your life and the lives of those around. Be known as a person that loves God enough to let Him speak! You are loved today!