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“Has the LORD redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others he has redeemed you.” (Psalms‬ ‭107‬:‭2‬ NLT)

Milton Greidinger of New York and Concha Watson of Miami, Fla., were in their mid-80s when they first learned to use a personal computer. The experience dramatically changed both their lives, enabling them to reconnect to the world by pushing through the loneliness and isolation that had threatened to engulf them. “It saved my life,” says Greidinger, speaking praise for the Virtual Senior Center, a Microsoft public-private partnership that uses technology to link homebound seniors to activities at their local senior center and to provide better access to community services. “Before this project, I was bored to death. I was just waiting for my time to finish. Now, all of a sudden I’m wide awake. I’m alive again.”

We all have things in our lives that we praise enthusiastically. From makes of cars to types of foods to brands of toilet paper, some things have made a marked difference in our quality of life. But when Jesus changes a life, redeeming them from life’s losses and establishing an eternal prize, THAT should receive our highest praise!

As you go about your day, take time to simply tell God “Thank you!” for saving your life. Then make it an everyday practice to simply declare to others how great God is. He’s the best thing you’ve got! You are loved today! 


But when you are praying, first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against, so that your Father in heaven will forgive your sins, too.” (Mark‬ ‭11‬:‭25‬ NLT)

When Thérèse Bartholomew’s brother, Stephen Leone, was murdered on the night of February 12, 2003, her life fell apart. As she left the courtroom after seeing the accused for the first time and feeling a compassion for her brother’s murderer, she broke down, confessing her confusion to her husband, “If I forgive this person, does it mean I don’t love my brother?”

The grace and forgiveness of God is our greatest gift that God gives us. Our sense of justice is strong when we are wronged, but we plead for mercy when Justice comes knocking on our own door. So it is an affront to God’s loving nature if we stay angry while asking for forgiveness. Why should He give it when we’ve done worse towards Him?!

As you spend time praying today, start with forgiveness. You and I need it, but we also need to give it to those that have hurt us. Forgiveness isn’t easy, so ask God to help you. Don’t stifle God’s work in you! Move on! You are loved today!