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How soon will he die and be forgotten?” (Psalms‬ ‭41‬:‭5‬ NLT)

Polish military officer Casimir Pulaski had a lively career in the service of his country. In 1777, with a recommendation from Benjamin Franklin, he became George Washington’s head bodyguard. After saving Washington’s life, he began winning turning-point battles in the revolution until his eventual death. He would become known as The Father of the American Calvary.

Interestingly, though there has been a Casimir Pulaski Day every October 11th since 1929, the occasion has largely been ignored—which is a shame for someone who kept the dream of American independence alive. And if such a famous figure could disappear from our memories, what about us? Will our passing lives here even matter?

They should! Don’t be concerned to have a day in your honor or a building with your name on it. The legacy you leave behind is marked in the lives of the people you impact with your devotion, love, and decisions. Make your mark where it counts, in service for God, and all of Heaven will celebrate your homecoming with a hero’s welcome! You are loved today!