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Then Peter began to speak up. ‘We’ve given up everything to follow you,’he said.” (Mark‬ ‭10‬:‭28‬ NLT)

When Jeremy graduated high school, he got what every Arkansas boy wants: a full-ride scholarship to play football at the University of Arkansas. But college level was a different animal. In a conversation, he shared with me how they must eat, sleep, and breath football almost everyday of the year, and without distractions. The coaches were looking for total commitment.

When Peter made this statement to Jesus, he needed to understand that this “total commitment” was what Jesus was looking for all along. Anything less than our all will not do. The base word for “discipline” is “disciple”, which we are called to be. That means our focus and attention is on Him alone. He will then make sure you have time for family and relaxing.

God will not be pleased with anything less than total commitment. Just as Jeremy must face the grind daily for U of A, God is looking for us to do the same in the Christ Life. Is it worth it to Jeremy? Every game day it is! The committed Christ Life is worth it all! Enjoy your day! You are loved!