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“For the word of the LORD holds true, and we can trust everything he does.” (Psalms‬ ‭33‬:‭4‬ NLT)

In the book, Double Agent by Peter Duffy, we meet a guy named William Sebold. Sebold left New York City in 1939 to visit family in Germany. While there, however, he was “recruited” by the Nazis to work for them as a spy against America or else be jailed, or worse.

Upon arriving home, Sebold instead went straight to the FBI, explaining the situation and volunteered his services as a double agent for America. Over the next two years, he would use cunning and deceit, a spy’s greatest tools, to singlehandedly bring down a major Nazi spy ring, leading to the conviction of some 33 enemy agents! 

While deception may work in the world, it is never a ploy used by our great God. When He speaks into your life, it is always truth and will happen! Come to church today and let God speak you again! You can trust His love for you! 


Will you let them get away with this forever? Will they succeed forever in their heartless conquests?” (Habakkuk‬ ‭1‬:‭17‬ NLT)

In February of 1945, Ivor Perl, 13, was standing in the snow, staring through the fence of Allach, a Nazi concentration camp. Of his family of 11, only he and one brother would survive, the rest were killed by the notorious Nazi henchman, Dr. Josef Mengele, at the Auschwitz camp. After the war, Ivor was granted a visa to come to the UK. He spent his working life in fashion retail, married and has four children and six grandchildren.

For many Jews, the fall of the Nazi regime seemed a vain hope, yet it finally came. Although evil things seem to flourish, they do not. Throughout history, evil people and empires have risen and fallen, with new ones taking their place even now. But in the end, it will be God and His people who survive. Always has been, always will be.

Whoever or whatever you struggle with, know that it will only last for a season. Let God lead you safely through this week and all those that follow. Where He leads, you will thrive! Live blessed! You are loved today!