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This same Good News…is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace.” (Colossians‬ ‭1‬:‭6‬ NLT)

Researchers at the University of Oxford will spend $3.7 million investigating why people believe in God. Academics have been given a grant to try to find out whether belief in a deity is a matter of nature or nurture. They will not attempt to solve the question of whether God exists but they will examine evidence to try to prove whether belief in God conferred an evolutionary advantage to mankind.

The proof that God does exist is found in churches all over the world today in the form of changed lives! When God changes a yielded soul, it goes against the norms of our human nature: forgiveness, unconditional love, charity, joy while suffering, etc. These are attributes that weren’t in place before, but after a surrendering encounter with God and His Word, they now are!

As you come to church today, ask yourself, Are there things in my life that need to change? Am I still evolving into God’s pattern for my life, or have I stopped and even began regressing towards my old self? Let God prove He still exists for you by moving in your life today. You are loved! See you at church!