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And these were his officials…Azariah the son of Nathan, over the officers; Zabud the son of Nathan, a priest and the king’s friend; (‭I Kings‬ ‭4‬:‭2, 5‬ NKJV)

What are the odds of raising two children who grow up to become number one NFL draft picks, as well as Super Bowl Champions and MVPs in back-to-back seasons? Pretty slim! Yet, Archie Manning, himself a star quarterback at Ole Miss and former NFL quarterback with the New Orleans Saints, raised Peyton and Eli, QBs for Denver and New York, to play hard and disciplined, to work and to achieve. Apparently Mr. & Mrs. Manning did something right!

There’s something to be said about family legacy. With the Mannings, it’s football. But with the prophet Nathan, it’s in serving God by serving Israel’s king. Nathan was the one that confronted King David about his sin with Bathsheba, and was there to ordain Solomon as David’s successor. And then in this little inconspicuous laundry list of employees, we find his two boys serving as King’s Leaders, one even being honored with the title of “the king’s friend”!

Parents, raise your kids right! Don’t adopt the fail-strategy of “Do as I say, not as I do”. Instead, like Nathan the prophet and Archie the quarterback, lead your kids to become quality citizens and first-rate Christians by setting the example for them to follow. The apples rarely fall far from the tree! You are loved today!