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The LORD is for me, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?” (Psalms 118:6 NLT)

Charley Parkhurst was a western icon as a stagecoach driver. Despite missing one eye, Charley knew how to handle the reins. It’s said that the driver once crossed a raging river right before the bridge collapsed, stopped a runaway coach while being dragged through the brush, and even shot an outlaw who was holding up the coach. But when Charley died in 1879, friends made the most unusual discovery: Charley was actually a woman!

A number of women in history disguised themselves as men to protect themselves, with some men doing the same thing! When fear sets in, there’s not much we won’t do to save our own hide. But scripture urges us to not fear anyone, being confident instead in God. Though people can hurt us, God will always deliver and restore us, even one day taking us Home, away from all hurt.

Fear is a thankless master. Living in fear means living with the faith that something is bigger or stronger than God. Live with the confidence that God is greater, and He can deliver us from anything! God is for you & you are loved today!