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“For I want you to understand what really matters, so that you may live pure and blameless lives.” (Philippians‬ ‭1‬:‭10‬ NLT)

On February 26, 2015, Myriah Pointer of Atlanta, GA, sat down one evening with friends to hang out. What she didn’t know was that a friend’s hamburger was underneath her. That woman became enraged at Strickland, and what ensued was a 2-hour videotaped beatdown of Strickland by her 3 “friends”, resulting in facial fractures and broken teeth. All 3 women were arrested and all because of a flattened Burger King Whopper Junior. 

It’s easy for anyone to lose sight of what really matters. Whether at the job, at home, in hobbies, or even in church, spirit-filled believers can so focus on the immediate and temporary that we forget the needful and eternal things. A flap over a hamburger is just as silly as a church split over carpet color or a divorce over bathroom counter clutter!

Let what is important to God be important to you: seeing souls saved, being filled with the Holy Spirit, hungering for His presence, and aiming for Eternity. The temptation to focus on trivial or downright stupid stuff will always be around. Let God help you to instead focus on what really matters! You are loved today! 


Who are you, lord?” (Acts 26‬:‭15‬ NLT)

My Mom was my 1st grade teacher. In our class that year was a poor kid named “Jimmy”. Jimmy’s Dad did not want his son to grow up to be a smoker. So, at the ripe old age of 6, he taught Jimmy how to dip snuff. As you can imagine, the nicotine wreaked havoc on his little system, causing him to have the scours and be sick everyday. It was a sad case of parenting gone wrong.

In this text, Saul is doing it wrong. He grew up around God, was trained to serve God, but was committing harm and atrocities in God’s name, never realizing that the God he was serving was the very God he was attacking! You can imagine the sense of ironic failure Saul felt, having to be introduced to “his boss”, whom he should have known all along.

As you live the Christ Life daily, do it right. What we do and how we live should reflect the God we serve, not the opinions or emotions we harbor. We should be the best advertising Heaven has! Live like you know the God you serve! You are loved today!

So on March 7, the two decrees of the king were put into effect. On that day, the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, but quite the opposite happened. It was the Jews who overpowered their enemies.” (Esther 9:1 NLT)

In retaliation to the Corpus Christi Day Bombing on June 7, 1896, in Barcelona, Spain, police began arresting people suspected of terrorism, employing Inquisition-style interrogations with many innocent people dying from the torture. When the Spanish Prime Minister was assassinated as a fallout of the violence, the Captain-General was booted from office due to his bloody tactics that had stirred up the people.

What many don’t know is that had the Prime Minister not been killed, mayhem would have continued and the Captain-General of Spain could have put down the revolts taking place in Cuba. But with his dismissal, Cuba flared back up, giving America the chance to take Cuba, leading to the Spanish American War, and the histories of Cuba and Puerto Rico would be much different! One single action can produce a ripple-effect that impacts many lives, for good or ill.

Today, take time to consider how you act or react, knowing that both can affect those around you. Pray for your government, who makes decisions daily that affect us all as well. Evil will always reign when good men do nothing! Do what’s right! You are loved today!